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Case Studies - AYA Round Action Sidelock...

Action polished and factory colour case hardening removed. Redone using traditional bone and leather charcoal.

Barrels polished along with all furniture and best blued.

Stock and forend stripped and  English oil finished & recheckerd.

Manufactured 2006 Colour Case Hardened Action.This gun was re Case Colour Hardened using a mixture of bone, leather, and wood charcoal.This is not the usual chemical dip method that is normally used nowadays.The difference is obvious to those of a more discerning nature. Barrels polished and best blueing, along with all furniture.Stock & forend checkerd at 22 lines per inch.Then traditional linseed oil finish applied, hand rubbed. 28 inch barrels ¼ & ½ choke.Highly figured stock and forend, 14¾ inch length of pull.

This gun can be viewed in the sold section on my site.

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