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Case Studies - Bob Braithwaites Browning D5 restoration...

This rather special Browning D5 came in for complete restoration. Lock stock and Barrel!

The shotgun was presented to Bob Braithwaite for winning the Olympic Trench Clay Pigeon shooting in the 1968 Mexico Olympics. The Barrels were polished prior to relaying the top rib and reblueing. The Stock and Forend were striped of old finish then dried prior to commencement of recheckering. The stock and forend checkering was recut at 26 lines per inch. This very fine checkering was achieved,not easily though,as someone along the way had already had a try at it and lost the original lines. Highlighted in pictures. This meant that the Checkering tool wanted to follow those "tram lines" that whoever it was put there? Once the checkering had been achieved the stock was taken down to bare wood, sanded smooth, and a Hand Rubbed English Oil Finish applied. Whilst the stock oils were drying the action and ejector mechanism were stripped inspected and cleaned inside and out then reassembled.     

Victory has its own reward, though Bob Braithwaite, as a genuine amateur, gained little materially with the exception of the specially engraved D5.

The photograph at the bottom of the pictures shows Bob Brathwaite at the Salle de Conference at FN’s headquarters in Herstal, Belgium. Among those looking on include his companion on the trip, Glynn Jones. The D5 was engraved with a unique design, the drawings of which were destroyed afterwards.

A Browning more typical of the era than the C3, it was heavier weighing about 8lb and the woodwork comprised a full pistol grip stock and a rather larger beavertail forend. How much Bob Braithwaite actually used it is not clear, but he liked to try other guns – what he was looking for he didn’t say.

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